Meet the Pediatricians of the Children's Health Clinic

Dr. Heidi Angeles

Dr. Sheetal Bhojani

Dr. Natalie Forbes

Dr. Thiru Govender

Dr. Brian Lockhart

Dr. Stephen Wainer

Dr. Jordan Yeo

Dr. Yeo was born in Nova Scotia and completed medical school at the University of British Columbia, followed by his residency in pediatrics here in Calgary. During his residency training, he served as Chief Resident and developed a special interest in medical education. He has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards and looks forward to continuing to work with medical students and residents in his practice. Outside of work, Jordan enjoys traveling, hiking, and skiing. He is also a foodie who spends most of his free time exploring new cuisines around the city and in his own kitchen. Finally, he is an avid video gamer and will happily challenge any of his patients to a round of Mario Kart (as long as it doesn't exceed their maximum daily screen time limits).